About My Student Home

My Student Home are the leading providers of student houses and flats in Liverpool. We have been in the student housing business for over 20 years. Our service and excellence towards student accommodation Liverpool is unmatched. Our team is comprised of the most knowledgeable and experienced members when it comes to helping students settle in. We’ve looked after thousands of students from all over England, across Europe and even continents afar. Every year hundreds of university students across Liverpool entrust us to provide the best student accommodation.

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Why Choose Us?

For over 20 years we’ve set the pace in terms of what constitutes premier student housing around Liverpool. The thousands of students who’ve lived in our student accommodations around South Liverpool have continually given us fantastic feedback. We’ve built friendships with many of these students that’s lasted beyond their graduation. What is true is that we will continue to be the go-to student housing service providers in Liverpool for a long time to come.

Super friendly service

Our team take pride in their high level of service.

Very Experienced

Over 15 years experience providing Liverpool student homes.

Great Locations

Our properties are located in some of the nicest student areas of Liverpool.

Low deposit

We only ask for £150.00 deposit per person.

Competitive rent

Our rent starts from just £70.00 per week.

All inclusive deals

Our super all inclusive deals include Sky TV, fast broadband, TV licence, Gas, Electricity & Water.

Great selection of student houses & flats

One of the things that keeps our students coming back is the fact that we can offer a great selection of properties to suit all group types. We have different kinds of rentals from flats and townhouses to end of terrace housing. We also provide detached homes and semi-detached houses for students. These homes are in different locations and sizes all across South Liverpool. There are 2 bedrooms houses available for those who prefer greater exclusivity. We also have 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 bedroom housing to cater for all types of student preferences. These homes are located all around Liverpool with greater density in Greenbank, Gorsebank, Smithdown and Dovedale Rd.

3A Gorsebank Road


3D Gorsebank Road


3E Gorsebank Road


3B Gorsebank Road


28 Calton Avenue


3C Gorsebank Road


114 Penny Lane


15A Greenbank Drive


12 Courtland Road


24 Greenbank Road


15C Greenbank Drive


15D Greenbank Drive


22 Hollybank Road


4 Oakbank Road


18 Beechbank Road


10a Greenbank Road


30 Elmbank Road


236a Smithdown Road


14A Greenbank Road


238a Smithdown Road


15B Greenbank Drive


2 Hollybank Road


30 Dovedale Road


39 Greenbank Road


112 Penny Lane


Safe, Secure & Well Maintained Properties

We take your safety and security very seriously. All of our student accommodation is designed and built to maximise your safety and exclusivity as a student. Each bedroom has its own security lock and fire door. Fire alarms are present throughout each home and are regularly tested. All electrical equipment and gas appliances are regularly checked and safety certificated to comply with all landlord regulations. All of these measures allow our guests to feel safe and comfortable during their time at university.

Affordable Student Accommodation

Having dealt with students for over 20 years, we understand that the student’s economic and financial capabilities vary from person to person. We take pride in the fact that we provide the best possible student accommodation for your budget. We only ask for £150.00 deposit from each group member. Our rental payments start from as low as £70 per week.

Great student friendly locations

Most of our student housing properties are located in the South Liverpool area. This is a fantastic area that’s a firm favourite amongst students. It has an excellent selection of parks, restaurants, public transport services, sports facilities, bars, and swimming pools. In this region of Liverpool we have a great selection of student accommodation We’ve sought to recreate as much of your home environment as possible while still offering you something new and refreshing. The area is a walking distance or short bus ride from many great facilities and Liverpool’s learning institutes. It’s a home away from home.

Luxury homes furnished to a high standard

Excellence and comfort have never been out of our sight when we provide our student accommodation Liverpool. Each of our homes around South Liverpool are well planned and fully furnished to a high standard. We provide an assortment of home decors and house furnishing that are geared towards a heathy and comfortable student life.

Student tenancy agreements

As a student under our tenancy, we provide rental or lease agreements for the period that you stay with us. This enables you to secure the room, and you are able to begin moving in your items in time for the university calendar. Over and above that we provide for you all the paperwork needed in terms of community rules and expectations. As your landlord we want you to have the best tenancy experience and a clear understanding of your rights, privileges, and responsibilities as a temporary yet valued member of the South Liverpool community.

Our properties have great shared areas

All of our student accommodations offer ample common rooms that are well furnished, spacious and comfortable. They have comfy couches, game rooms and spacious sections for bonding and social hangouts. It’s always been part of our policy to increase the range of amenities as we deem critical for the comfort and convenience of our student tenants. We offer all-inclusive deals to you. These include fast broadband, Sky TV, water, gas, electricity and TV license. These amenities and services are available in all of our student accommodations. This is also the reason why we are always open to hearing your views and suggestions on the state and capacity of our services to meet your needs during your stay.

Our student tenants

Over the past 20 years, we’ve handled students from dozens of learning institutions. Key among these is the world famous University of Liverpool with their annual student intake numbering in the thousands. We also provide student housing to students from Liverpool John Moore’s University. Two other universities have students who have sought our excellent services in tenancy. These are Liverpool Hope University, and Edge Hill University. Besides these, we’ve also accommodated students from several other colleges and learning institutions in the area.

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